How To Choose A Furnace

We recommend that you make your decision based on six factors:

1) Warranty: Look for the best-written manufacturer’s warranty you can find. This simply decreases your risk and increases the likelihood that you’ll be happy with your investment 2-3 years from now. If something breaks three years from now, you want to make sure that you don’t get stuck with the bill for replacement parts.

2) Maintenance: Heating & Air Conditioning Systems should be installed with long-term maintenance in mind. A heating and air conditioning system can be installed so it performs OK; however, it may turn out to be very time consuming or expensive to maintain. Ask about what is being done to make your new system easy and economical to maintain.

3) Installer Credentials: It’s a good idea to know who is actually installing your new or replacement system. Do the hands-on installation individuals have experience installing, maintaining, and servicing HVAC systems? Do the installers have professional certifications, i.e. NATE (North American Technician Excellence) and BPI (Building Performance Institute) certifications? Individuals with hands-on maintenance and service experience know best how to perform an easy to maintain the system.

4) Energy Efficiency Rating: You want a system that is going to heat or cool your home as safely and efficiently as possible. Again, most systems have about the same energy efficiency ratings, but it’s always best to get the one with the best rating because it’s going to save you the most money over time.

5) Furnace Size: Choosing the right size of heating or air conditioning unit for your home has everything to do with the specific features of your home. Be sure to get the right size unit – if you buy a unit that is too large, it will use up a lot of energy and it will not provide an optimum level of comfort. The unit will likely be unnecessarily expensive to run. If you buy a unit that’s too small it may run constantly and you won’t get the results you’re looking for either.

6) Price: Prices vary depending on product warranty, the company’s marketing costs, and the variation in the quality of the internal parts. Don’t just go for the cheapest model. There is enough difference between the different models to make it worth carefully considering the best unit you can afford. You want your investment to pay for itself, and the most efficient systems will do that quickly. So, carefully examine the warranty and be sure to invest in a system that is reliable.

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